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Biodynamic Bike Fit

Revolutions in Fitness recommends the full service 2-hour Biodynamic Bike Fit for most of our cycling clients. The Biodynamic Bike Fit combines our sports medicine and bike fit expertise with excellent listening skills and the latest cutting edge technology.

We begin each Biodynamic Bike Fit with a discussion of your goals and a detailed musculoskeletal evaluation to assess things like your current flexibility, joint range of motion, core strength, and injuries. Next we take measurements of your current position and pedaling technique. Using ReTül*, we develop a dynamic 3-D "map" of you pedaling your bike.

Then the fun begins – we bring our professional medical expertise to bear on the parameters of YOU to create the best bike fit geometry for you. Our medically trained professionals go beyond the normal fit service to suggest exercises you can do at home to overcome your limiters over time.


  • A completely optimized bike, with adjustments that suit YOUR unique goals, biomechanics, and fitness

  • Bike fit geometry specification sheet to take home

  • An understanding of why changes were made to your bike and why your new geometry is right for you

  • Exercises to help you make further improvement towards your goals at home

  • Greater efficiency, higher power output, improved comfort, injury prevention, and MORE FUN on your bike.

*Biodyamic fit done with Dartfish motion capture in San Jose.

  • Bike Fit Overview
  • Technology
  • Biodynamic Bike Fit
  • Quick Fit
  • Size Fit
  • Physical Therapy Fit
  • Cycling Optimization Analysis
  • Saddle Evaluation
      Biodynamic Bike Fit clients receive a detailed musculoskeletal evaluation and exercise suggestions so they can improve over time
      On-the-bike dynamic pedaling and biomechanical health assessment, including Retul, with one of our licensed medical professionals

    Chris Lieto
    Don't spend money on a bike or wheels to improve your time. First I would get a fit by
    [Revolutions in Fitness]to make sure you maximize your output with a professional fit that
    works with your flexibility and strengths.
    - Chris Lieto, Professional Triathlete

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