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Trusted by the Pros – Shouldn’t you choose who the pros choose?

We have worked with more elite-level cyclists than any other company in the Bay Area! Our star clientsinclude: Chris Horner (tour of California winner, first overall at the Vuelta al Pais Vasco) Christian Vande Velde, Tom Danielson and the rest of the Garmin-Cervélo Professional Cycling Team as well as Chris Leito (2nd Ironman World Championships, Kona Hawaii). Our clientele also includes: Johan Van Summeren (winner at Paris–Roubaix), Dave Zabriskie (once National TT champion), Becky Lavelle ( USA Triathlon National Team Member), Gina Kehr ('08 Pro triathelete), Brian Hansen (Silver medalist 2010 Vancouver), Christine Thorburn (Olympian 04/08 TT), Emma Pooley (current World Champion TT), Thor Hudson (current Men's World champion)…. and the list goes on and on!! Ask any of our pros and they will speak glowingly of Revolutions in Fitness!!

We are the most elite, trained, and experienced practitioners in the business.

Our team helps clients from all walks of life, from mainstream people seeking recovery from aches, pains and injuries, to pro-level athletes and Olympians.The bottom line - We provide the highest quality of support to our clients, and we really care about our customers and their individual needs.

See below what some of our clients have to say about us:


In 2010, I was 50 pounds overweight and borderline diabetic. Under the advice of my doctor I started running. I ran my first 5K in 2010 under 35 minutes. Fast forward to 2014 - I ran 3 half marathons in a year but, not without injury. Katie has been able to help me with pain reduction after races, promote mobility with strength exercises while I’m training, and restore function to my ankle. This year 2015, I have already run 2 races back to back - 31km in 2 days! Thank you Katie for helping fix the broken me and also thank you to the ladies at the front desk who are always there with a smile!

-Jennifer Ko

Angela with Jeanette


"The fit was clutch."

-Meagan Guarnier
(shown with Revolutions position analyst David Hopkins)

Winner, 2015 Inaugural Women's Strade Bianche
2015 US Elite National Road Race Champion
2012 US Elite National Champion

Angela with Jeanette


Revolutions’ client, 15 year old Angela Chin with PT Jeanette, as the Snow Queen in the Nutcracker at Gunn Spangenberg Theatre. Angela was experiencing pain every time she danced preparing for the part and was at risk of losing the role but those smiles say it all. Great job Angela!

Sunil Wins
photo by Anne Barry


Ran the Hawaii Half Ironman and felt great! Now ramping up for a marathon. Thanks Revolutions in Fitness!!

-Cara Barr

Andrew Talansky

"Curtis's hands on work and exercises made a huge difference in my ability to sit straight on the bike and produce power. After your work was the best I have ever felt."

-Andrew Talansky, pro cyclist, Cannondale Garmin

2015 US Time Trial National Champion
Winner, 2014 Criterium du Dauphine

James Staten

Jeanette did a THOROUGH examination of my issues & history, brought in kinesiology, alternative medicines (cupping) and other techniques to quickly get to the heart of the issue. This approach was way more helpful and effective than any PT I've been to before. Jeanette gave me exercises that were injury preventing and injury specific. She is the only PT I've seen who identified the issue of scar tissue in my knee that has been developing since I broke my leg at age eight. I have since run the Kauai Marathon and completed the Olympic Triathlon at Pacific Grove with no knee pain! I really have to thank you, Jeanette, for what you did for me. It feels great to feel like myself again.

-James Staten

Tom Rice

A number of injuries including a crash on my motorcycle while training for superbike racing resulted in structural lumbar and cervical spine problems. My back pain was constant. As an avid cyclist, I was determined to return to health and compete in the bicycle racing scene again. I began seeing Dr. Katie at Revolutions in Fitness. I am now competing at the national level against the top cyclists in my age group! It is amazing that I’m finishing my most successful race season ever with a number of wins and podium finishes – even against the younger guys! No way this was possible without the treatment I got from Dr. Katie. We continue working on the issues that resulted from my injuries and surgeries. I’m looking forward to even more success for the season next year. I’m so grateful for Revolutions in Fitness. Thank you for an epic season on my bike!

-Tom Rice, CoreTechs Cycling Team

-----Emily Thurston  

Thanks to Katie & Mark & Jeanette, I went from barely able to ride a year ago to winning five elite NorCal titles and 8 medals in one weekend. So satisfied.

-Emily Thurston,
Threshold Sports powered by Leadout Endurance Coaching


"Words cannot describe how different I feel on the bike: The feeling of confidence when I get on my bike every day, knowing that I’m getting the best out of my position and am not forcing myself into a position that's ‘supposed’ to be ideal."

- Courtenay Lowe, Optum Pro Cycling


"...rode today, averaged almost 2 mph faster with the new fit.
Thank you Dave!"

- Mel Condos


"Revolutions in Fitness has truly rejuvenated my athletic dreams. After struggling with a debilitating injury for 2+ years, I thought my days in triathlon were numbered as I had seen a multitude of practitioners, to no avail. The team at Revolutions looked at my entire body as a complete machine, and through changing my posture on and off the bike we were able to dissipate the pain. I am now training and racing at 100% again! I’ve been fit by a lot of amazing bike fitters, but none beat Revolutions in Fitness. Their knowledge, expertise, and big picture thinking makes Revolutions my absolute “go to team” from now on. "

-Caroline Gregory, professional triathlete


"The eSoles you fitted me for are AWESOME! Took about a week or so to get used to but, they fit like a glove now! After my first two mountain bike races "EVER", I have a first and a second place to be proud of! I am so glad I got these eSoles, and I have been telling everyone about them. Without them, my knees and legs would be all over the place. The eSoles really do work and keep my legs and knees aligned for an almost perfect pedal stroke. Out of all my gear, the eSoles give me the most back making me a better rider. Thanks again!"

- Jack Schluckbier, Mountain Bike Racer


Congratulations Diane on reaching your goal to
climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!

"Thank you Mark for helping me reach my goal of climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. It was a huge physical and mental challenge and you helped me with both. I really appreciate the time you spent helping me get through my training aches, pains and doubts and for the tips you gave me to help me get through 9 days on the mountain, hiking to 19,340 ft., and avoiding injuries."

-Diane Bennett

"Thank you again for all your help! The bike feels phenomenal and all the IT/back stuff is definitely better. I'll be sure to keep working on those exercises you showed me."


"My bike fit was fantastic!! It has made such an enormous difference to my ride. I have no pain in my knees as I ride and my average has improved. Dan was an extremely thoughtful and wonderful person to work with. His stretching exercises were valuable. I am surely going to recommend your service to my bicycling buddies."
- Vishwanath


"Before working with Katie, I made regular trips to orthopedic surgeons with lots of issues.
Katie diagnosed my issues one by one and gave me workouts and stretches to fix the multiple root causes that limited my training and racing. Since working with Katie as my primary PT and MT, I’ve won US national championships, US national senior games championship, individual and team state level titles, top tens at world championships, plus a couple of dozen silver and bronze medals at the national and state level. This would not have been possible without Katie’s competent help. My leg and knee pain is gone and I haven’t seen the orthopedic surgeon in over five years. Thank you Katie! "
- John Novitsky


"Thank you for helping me get my left leg back."

- Christian Vande Velde
Garmin-Cervélo Professional Cycling Team
4th place in the ’08 Tour de France

Winner of the 2012 US Pro Challenge >>


"I have been seeing Susan Casto for physical therapy and I am very impressed with her work and expertise.  Susan spent time carefully examining me and treating my various asymmetries that led to my injury. She was recommended to me by an outside physical therapist who is one ot the best in the area (Curtis Cramblett), and I have not been disappointed. Susan has excellent training that is invaluable, and I am so glad that she has been able to see me and treat me over the past few months. She is one of the biggest reasons that I was able to successfully complete my Ironman race in Canada."
- Stephanie Rowen, MD

During the season I took two major falls onto my left hip;
including one that broke my bike. After my second fall in the Giro Di San Francisco racing as a Cat 2 my hip became so impinged I could hardly ride 8 hours a week. Then Curtis came in to save my 2012 season. With his expertise, Curtis was able to solve my problem within a few treatments. I continue to receive therapy from Mark, Curtis, and Katie when any problems arise and to further my flexibility and efficiency on my bike. 
I'll be starting the 2012 season racing for the Alto Velo/Webcor Elite team and with the help of Revolutions in Fitness I've already increased my zone 1 power by 9%.
This is shaping up to be the most incredible racing season of my life, my potential is limitless, but only after it's been unlocked.
My story is one of hope and motivation. I have never had an injury of any kind that the team at Revolutions in Fitness has not been able to cure. They have restored my livelihood and given me lifelong solutions to my problems. If you're looking for the last piece to the puzzle, you've finally found it.

- Matthew Abdalah


"The Revolution In Fitness staff have been instrumental in helping me maximize my power on the bike. Their assistance was crucial in my recovery and rehabilitation after breaking my hand in 2006, and they have continued to help me fine-tune my bike fits and my technique through identifying and addressing muscle weakness and imbalances.

- Amber Rais
Professional Cyclist, USA National Team


"Curtis has been able to do what eight other PTs failed to do -- give me back my life.
Three years ago I was diagnosed with a nerve entrapment issue. Normal activities like sitting, walking, standing and even sleeping had grown difficult; a very active life style and a successful career came to a screeching halt. None of the PTs I consulted with were able to identify the root causes of my condition, which worsened with time. Curtis was masterful at identifying the asymmetries that were keeping my body from healing. He assessed my body holistically, connected the dots and gave me the most coherent explanation that I had yet to hear from any health care professional (including MDs). Today I no longer have nerve entrapment and my pain level is near zero. I can sleep without pain, sit for much longer than I was previously able and hike as far as I want. Curtis is insightful about my specific body mechanics, creative in designing exercises, an excellent listener and a real partner in my rehab. I am enormously grateful to him for giving me back my life!"
- Gabrielle


"I have seen Curtis three years in a row and my only regret is I did not see him earlier in my cycling career."

Although the changes he made were small, they had a major impact on my riding, and a nagging back injury i had went away. I feel that my bike is a natural extension of myself after seeing Curtis for a bike set up.
- Katheryn Mattis


"Great bike fitting! I have some really good information now to make decisions about upgrading or replacing my current bikes.
I took a 30min spin that afternoon, remembered the word “relax,” and it was nearly effortless! Curtis really has talent, I felt very fortunate to get his time and will recommend it to others who are serious about a bike fit."
- Karen Dyce


"Don't spend money on a bike or wheels to improve your time., first I would get a fit by Curtis to make sure you maximize your output with a professional fit that works with your flexibility and strengths. I really appreciate and value your knowledge and fit to get things dialed."

- Chris Lieto, Professional Triathlete


"It’s All Connected - Thanks for going way beyond my expectation.
Four years ago I had surgery on my left foot that left it oddly shaped. In preparation for my ride across the country next spring (a lifelong dream; at 64 I am finally going to achieve it [115 miles a day for 31 days]) I saw Curtis for cycling specific orthotics, hoping that they would eliminate the hot foot that I have to live with on hot days. My new e-soles are terrific, but they were only the beginning. Curtis immediately added compression socks (I had a blot clot while recovering from surgery and my left leg is prone to swelling periodically). Then Curtis fixed my position on the bike – 3 friends, including one professional bike fitter, have commented in the last month on my improved cycling form. In addition to the foot problem, one leg is 3/8 of an inch shorter than the other and I walk, run and cycle with pronounced asymmetries. Curtis showed me how I was actually using the wrong muscles to accomplish certain tasks and he gave me a series of custom designed exercises to wake up dormant muscle memory. I was skeptical, but after three exercise workouts I discovered that I could walk pain free for the first time in many years."
- Chris


"I decided to see Curtis at Revolutions in Fitness for a professional bike fit.  Eight months before my decision, I was participating in triathlons and long distance bike rides. After doing a 100 mile bike ride that I wasn't properly trained for, the pain in my knees forced me to stop all advanced physical activity. When I saw Curtis my knees were killing me; I was pretty sure I had patellar tendonitis, and I had stopped all of my favorite physical activities such as running, cycling, and almost swimming as well. I didn't believe that a 90 minute bike fit could change my world but decided to schedule one anyway as Curtis had been highly recommended to me by trusted peers. Let's just say that Curtis made me a true believer of the science of bike fitting; my bike rides are now painless, my knee pain has gone away, and after a few physical therapy sessions with Curtis in addition to the bike fit, I will once again be able to call myself a triathlete!"
- Dustan


"Just wanted to share the good news - that I made it onto the podium at National Championships. In the para-cycling tt, and that qualified me to go to the World Champs in August. Here's the press release, just in case you want to read the news!! :-) Full Story

THANK YOU for all your help over the years - I would most certainly not be here doing this right now, if not for you. Bummer for the Garmin guys so far in the Tour.....I was (well, still am) rooting for them. Thanks again."
- Kelly Crowley
4th place winner, Para-cycling Road Worlds tt
Bronze medalist in the Road Race


"I had failed back surgery after years of regular PT, biofeedback, acupuncture, all of which didn't help much. After surgery I was worse, literary house bound and on full disability. Curtis convincingly assessed exactly the right muscle groups to work on, constantly updated a progressive baby step program, kept me loose through flares with gentle body work, and gave me self help tools. I'm back to hikes, rock climbs, cycling and gym routine. And I'm 62! His patient, tailored approach stoked my hope and determination, all of which has brought me to my new day."
- Tom Higgins


At the age of 13, Andrew suffered a multi-level femur fracture. With physical therapy, bike fitting and a lot of hard work and training, he goes on to win a national championship!! Andrew placed first in the 17-18 points race... lapping the field not once, but twice to take home gold in the men’s event.

"'Curtis, just wanted to let you know all your work does pay off!."

- Andrew Lanier Jr.
Team Specialized Racing


"I've had many people over the years try to 'tailor make' a program for me, but they still gave me the template exercises that could be found in any book. Curtis demonstrates that he understands what is right for me, and created a program that really is right for me. Now I am running, biking, hiking, snowshoeing, sledding, skiing, able to drive, sit and stand for hours without abnormal discomfort, and feeling and looking great (especially for an old woman!) In fact, sometimes I think my husband appreciates Curtis even more!"
- Wende Schallman


"This was the first year that I've ever been able to complete all 5 passes of the Death Ride. (128 miles 16,000 ft climbing) and it was because of Curtis. The other times I had done it, I only did 3 of the 5 passes. I always rode a lot, but without any real plan or structure. Curtis training plans were great! They gave me the structure and discipline I needed to meet my goal. Curtis always made a plan that worked with my schedule and lifestyle. They were fun and I saw results. Thanks Curtis!"
- Sarah Shen


"In the two years I have been going to Revolution In Fitness (RIF) for bike fittings, I’ve recorded faster times every time I leave a bike fit session

I have no doubts to what is happening beneath me on the bike which allows me to focus 100% of my energy on training and winning. RIF has helped me be injury free and medal in Elite, National, and World level competitions."

- Allen Vugrincic


"I sought out Curtis because I believed that there might be a better way than traditional physical therapy.  Boy, was I right, now more than ever. ... every single day, Curtis was there with me...  I had just 10 weeks to prepare to win a WMCF World Championship and Curtis, yes Curtis, had changed my paradigm.

So what happened in Austria?  I won.  I won a lot.  I won 3 out of four races including the World Masters Cycling Federation World Time Trial Championship.  It felt great, amazing, unbelievable. "

- Kristen Sanders
Retired Colavita Pro Cyclist

2012 Masters World Champion

Read the full story here.


"Curtis has helped my bike performance in many different aspects.
He has fit me on my bike so I am getting the most power out of my engine based on my body dimensions and flexibility. Curtis has also helped me overcome injuries in an effective and timely manner so that they never stopped me in achieving my season goals."

- Tom Danielson
Garmin-Cervélo Professional Cycling Team

Winner, 2013 Tour of Utah


“To work with a PT (physical therapist) and bio-mechanist to set up my bike position was something I have never done before, but the initial results have been fantastic!  Curtis spent the time to assess the areas I had tension and an imbalance in, and then translate this to altering my bike setup to make me more efficient and much more likely to stay injury free throughout cycling.  Something a professional cyclist loves to hear! Curtis' assessment of the imbalances of my body were in line with what a whole array of other PT's or body scans had discovered over many years. He found these imbalances in just a matter of minutes.  Once he had done this he was able to prescribe a significant amount of exercise and corrective stretches for me to work on in practical ways, with minimal equipment which is great given the amount of travel I do.  I am a big believer in actively improving your body's imbalances over time as opposed to some of the other more passive quick fixes out there.”
-Trent Lowe
Professional Cyclist


"(Curtis’) Retül bike fit was amazing because it was more than just a bike fit.   Curtis used his expertise as a physical therapist to address my weaknesses and then he combined his expertise as a cyclist and a biomechanical specialist to fit me on my bike to provide a position of power but also a position of ‘ability’ according to my body’s limitations. 

He gave me guidelines of how to make the prescribed bike changes over time so as not to shock my system.  So far, after one very conservative change, I am pushing more power than in 2008 and it is just the off season.  I would highly recommend a Retül bike fit and Curtis would be my choice for a Retül bike fitting specialist."
- Lisa Bentley
Professional Triathlete, 11x Ironman Champion

Sunil Wins

"I was going through one of the most frustrating experiences in bike racing - cramping. The problem was not hydration or nutrition. Only an expert could have figured out what was going wrong. Curtis is that expert who took it as a personal challenge to help resolve this issue. Through thorough analysis, physical therapy and simple-yet-such-effective exercises, he helped me get rid of cramping. You would think it was the bike fit, but it wasn't. What good is it when the most powerful muscles in the leg aren't firing? Thank you so much Curtis for helping me with this. From cramping at the end of every hard race to winning the Foothill College Circuit Race, it is a big difference!"

- Sunil Jagadish, bike racer with the Audi Cycling Team