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Quick Basic Fit

For those who prefer a simpler and less costly bike fit process, a Quick Bike Fit combines our professional and bike fit training with point-in-time body angle measurements to dial in your geometry quickly.

Benefits: The Quick Basic Fit includes

  • Meeting with licensed medical and bike fit professional

  • Point-in-Time Bike and body measurements

  • Optimized bike fit geometry for YOUR goals and
    musculoskeletal issues

  • Bike fit geometry specification sheet to take home

  • Greater efficiency, higher power output, improved comfort,
    injury prevention, and MORE FUN on your bike

  • Least expensive, most affordable option

  • Bike Fit Overview
  • Technology
  • Biodynamic Bike Fit
  • Quick Fit
  • Size Fit
  • Physical Therapy Fit
  • Cycling Optimization Analysis
  • Saddle Evaluation
      Allen V
      In the two years I have been going to Revolutions in Fitness for bike fitttings, I've recorded faster times every time I leave a bike fit session. "
    - Allen Vugrincic

    Aids LifeCycle
    Revolutions in Fitness works with SF AIDS/Lifecycle Riders to create bike geometries
    that are comfortable and sustainable.

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