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Size Fit (New Bike)

The Revolutions in Fitness Size Fit service is for any rider seeking to buy a new bike, whether custom or off-the-shelf. The size fit defines your optimal bike position and identifies the best dimensions.

Various technologies and techniques can be used which could include: XY Fit Bike, musculoskeletal evaluation, F.I.S.T methodology, Retül 3- D Dynamic Bike Fit System, and more. Our medically licensed professionals have a deep understanding of physiology and biomechanics to make savvy interpretations of the data that our state-of-the-art equipment can provide.

The Revolutions in Fitness Size Fit takes one hour.

Benefits: The Size Fit includes:

  • Meeting with licensed medical and bike fit professional

  • Bike and body measurements and analysis

  • Optimized geometry for YOUR goals and musculoskeletal issues

  • Bike fit geometry specification sheet to use in selecting a bike and components

  • If you have brought a manufacturer specification sheet for a specific licensed sports medicine professionals bike model, a selection of the best size to suit your needs

  • Confidence that your investment in a new bike will be well spentand that you will be comfortable and fast on your new bike!
  • Bike Fit Overview
  • Technology
  • Biodynamic Bike Fit
  • Quick Fit
  • Size Fit
  • Physical Therapy Fit
  • Cycling Optimization Analysis
  • Saddle Evaluation
      Bike measurements
      Size Fit
      We use XY Fit Bike, motion capture, musculoskeletal evaluation, F.I.S.T methodology, Retül 3-D Dynamic Bike Fit System, and more to help you choose the right frame size and components.


    Revolutions in Fitness will help you pick YOUR bike from the crowd.

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